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Abbey Mount School is an independant boarding school for girls aged eleven to seventeen. Founded in 1797, schools one of England's top institusions for young ladies.
Their head girl is Harriet Bentley. Their school uniform is a grey blazer, striped tie and a tartan skirt. Their lacrosse uniforms are crimson. The rules are quite strict. In fact Poppy Moore asked the question "what is this place, Hogwarts?" when Kate was explaining the rules to her. The only staff that are in the film are Mrs. Kingsley, Matron, a P.E teacher and a french teacher.Her father at first was threatining her but the last time he wasn't joking.She at first thought it was hogwarts and a hell hole,but later she grows on everyone and makes her turn out like her mother. i really like abbey mount school poppy said she needed to phone her lawyer and then they all thought she was joking she went out with freddy and the at night time she went in the freezer and lit the blinds on fire and she heard footsteps and then she went to onnercourt and said dhe heard foot steps and said it was harriet bentley. mrs kingsley went so mad and harriet bentley was sent home (ABBEY MOUNT IS A REAL BORDING SCHOOL)

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